Change of Tune

I never dreamt of kissing you

Or lingered on your touch

I never thought when you stay home

That I’d miss you, as such


But I’ve been writing in the dark

And I’ve been dreaming in the light

I’ve been thinking all the wrongs of love

Could somehow make a right


I’ve been spending my time scribbling

Lines of goofy poetry

You’ve been standing right here humming

Me a tune that’s in my key


I’ve been living off the fake stuff

For so long I may not know

What the real thing’s gonna taste like

So I’m gonna take this slow


I’ve been sleeping with the moon

I’ve been staring at the sun

I’ve been thinking lovers’ hardships

Were how lovers’ hearts are won


And if we never get that kiss

We never plant this seed

I’m grateful you showed me the way

And for your company


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